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Like a Blossom in the Wind...

A Haven for Haruno Sakura

Haruno Sakura
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affiliates ;
nejisaku: neji/sakura fans
saisaku: sai/sakura fans
lethal_empathy: gaara/sakura fans
ita_saku: itachi/sakura fans
deisaku: deidara/sakura fans
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Simply Love: sasusaku forum

fanlistings ;

Hello all, and welcome to Sakura-Chyan!, a community for Haruno Sakura from the manga/anime Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto! Why "Sakura-Chyan"? Because that's the way Naruto pronounces her name, and we think that's cute! :3

rules ;
1. No bashing, please. Be nice to the other members, as well as other Naruto characters.

2. Credit all fanworks that do not belong to you. Stealing will not be tolerated.

3. All fanfiction, fanart, and spoilers must be placed behind an LJ cut.

4. How to post fanfictions and fanarts: (feel free to copy + paste)



5. R and NC-17 material are allowed, but only with proper warnings, and must be posted behind an LJ cut. No exceptions. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the removal of the post and the removal of your account from the community.

6. Stay on topic, please. This is a community for Sakura after all, and that's the way it will stay. If you have a question regarding LJ, that's for the FAQs. Or, just post something Sakura related and then post the question at the end of the entry. Easy, right? :)

7. If you wish to be an affiliate, just email me at FluteNinja252@aol.com
Or, leave a comment on one of my posts and ask to be added to the list! I'll accept just about anything! Even if it's not directly Sakura related! So please, drop a note!

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